Superhero Exposed

Pencils by Pierce Rice from the story “The Spider Queen” in THE EAGLE #2, 1941.

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↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman superhero in a cape, boots, domino mask and short skirts is floating/standing in the sky.

SUPERHERO (thinking): I’m a hero! I Fly! everyone looks up to me! %$#@ perverts!!! Now I’ll have to wear underwear!

1941 Pencils: Pierce Rice Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira


1948 Art: Edmond Good Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira



  1. Possible Spider Queens:
    -That woman in the Land Rover ahead of you who’s too busy texting to notice the light has turned green.
    -Gracie, the chain smoking waitress at the diner who always gets your order of eggs wrong.
    -Peter Parker’s long lost aunt, who was bitten by radioactive clone of Peter’s that had mutated after a disastrous encounter with the Beyonder and who was then hurled back in time, only to not only end up giving his aunt her superpowers but also ended up being his own father! Hey. The way the comic book works these days, that’s very likely been a storyline.
    -Lady Gaga, in her most pretentious and boring costume yet.
    – Jenny Jenny from 867-5309
    -That %*#($ who stole your ex-boyfriend. She certainly was hairy enough to be an arachnid.
    -Any random Kardashian. No. Wait. Butt’s not big enough.
    -Some hipster who found this old costume at a vintage clothes store and dressed up in it because…it’s ironic, right? And then she found out she had super powers…which is soooo overdone as a trope.
    -An actual spider who was born a mutant with the power to change into a C cup.
    -Whoever she is, she’s so scared of herself that she has to call Spider King to come into the room and hit her with a shoe every time she looks in the mirror.

    • The Spider Queen is all that an more, Jam. Much more!!!


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