Super Orgasma-Tron 6900

Art by Charles Quinlan from the story “Riff-Raff” in DIARY LOVES, 1951.


↓ Transcript
WOMAN: I dated a mad scientist once! Watta dud! But his Super Orgasma-tron 6900...oh baby! That robot was a real man!

1948 Artist Unknown Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira



  1. So, m’dear, what are you giving up?

  2. In Latin the meaning of the name Trixie is: Bringer of joy, brings joy. Lets call it “Giver of Joy”.

    As a side note, the extremely deep tan in the revised version is disconcerting. Perhaps it was an attempt to give Trixie an African ancestry? If so, I don’t think it worked as well as other changes to African ancestry have worked in the past. She’s just too generically white? Too much the female “Aryan Ideal”?

  3. I know a lot of women who would line up for one of those machines, if it was real.
    And a few men if there was a female version available!


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