Spider Killer

This is one of those rare gags that came out of a real conversation I had with a friend. This one’s for you, Erica!

As for the art:
Although the spider web in the background is new, Allen Freeman created this image for me years ago—redrawing and redesigning the art from a 1952 panel (see below) by Nick Carey.
 Why the redesign? Darned if I remember. But I think it turned out swell!

Original art by the great Nick Cardy from the story “Good-Time Girl!” in MY REAL LOVE #5, 1952.

↓ Transcript
CRYING WOMAN (with large spider web behind her): What good is a boyfriend…if he won’t kill spiders for me? Eeek! too many legs! I’m outnumbered!

1952 Art: Nick Cardy Re-Creation: Allen Freeman


Artist unknown. From the story "The Loves For Felicie" in FOR A NIGHT OF LOVE (#1), 1952.


  1. “Now I’ll never know how to burp the ABCs!”

    “Now I’ll never know how to drive stick! I mean as in cars.”

    “Now I’ll never know how to replace the leaky valve on my tear ducts!”

    “I’ll never sign up for another art school whose entrance requirements are ‘Can You Draw this Turtle?’ again!”

    And another Liberal Arts major learns that when your Advisor says your degree is marketable, they might be lying.

    “At least I’ll have my student loans to keep me warm!”

    • Jam, I love leaky valves on comic characters. The more over-the-top the crying, the better!

  2. I think the original panel would be great fodder for the gocomics page.

    • Dave, interesting idea. I’d love to run some originals. But only the very most outrageous. I’ll start keeping a file of “good” panels and when I’ve got enough I’ll run them by my editor. Thanks!

      • If you do that can I request 1) the rump shot from page 2 of The Face of Something or other in First Kiss 19 or 2) Almost anything from The Masked Lover in Issue 10? I’d love to see the Go Comics folks on those. Some of the ads would be funny too.

        • Hmm. It never would’ve occurred to me to use the “rump” shot from “The Face of Love” since it only has a short caption and no dialogue. But…maybe.

          In general, I think there are a ton of panels in that story and The Masked Lover (yes, #10.) would do.

          Thanks for the suggestions, Jam. I didn’t know you were so familiar with FIRST KISS!


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