She Gives Good Headache

The dialog in the original 1960s art (right) leaves us hanging. Anyone want to come up with a clever suggestion to finish her thought balloon? What is her husband doing that she’s the last to know about?

Yes, sex is the obvious thing. But anything else?

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↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman with her head in her hands as if crying or just really upset or depressed.

WOMAN: No! I’m fine! I’m just practicing my headache for tonight!

Art by Vince Colletta Studio
Color by Allen Freeman


  1. Goes fishing!

  2. … starts actually reading the books that I thought were just for decor. How will I keep up with his new intellectual interests??! And why are my fingers all the same length??!

  3. …comes out of the closet! Wearing the wife’s clothes!

  4. is addicted to watching horribly made westerns from the 1930’s!

  5. …dresses up like Thor and asks attractive women if they are worthy to lift his magic hammer.

  6. …is a comics collector, cosplays, and has video of his exploits on YouTube (with 1400 comments)

  7. …collects Star Wars action figures.

  8. …is really a Cylon!


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