Okay, you’re a reporter (in the original art) and you concoct a fake story about your boyfriend (a junior lawyer at a big law firm.) You make it sound like he’s the real legal genius–and not his boss. So, which of the following do you think will happen?

A. Your boyfriend’s boss offers him a partnership and a big raise.

B. Your boyfriend is fired and hates you.

C. Your editor at the newspaper fires you.

D. Your boyfriend AND you are both fired. Your boyfriend hates you. And you’re a loser!

E. You’re hired by Fox News and date Sean Hannity.

Artist unknown. Art from Ten-Story Love #204, 1955

Artist unknown. Art from Ten-Story Love #204, 1955.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman sitting at a desk, holding a piece of paper and a pencil. She's thinking.

WOMAN: Gotta pump up my resume! Should I add sex kitten…or porn star?

Art: Ken Rice Restoration & Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira

©2013 Last Kiss Inc
Ten-Story Love204.5.1
or Ten-Story Love204.6.1


  1. D or E. Really, it’s a toss up. D or E. I can’t see “Wife of Sean Hannity” looking any better on the resume than “porn star”…

  2. In today’s world with what passes for journalism I’d have to go with option C. Not that the “suitable for wrapping fish” daily rag would have any article about a local lawyer unless it was a paid business notice in Monday’s business section filler page.

    • My bad. Slept badly, up too early. Option B. is what I meant.

  3. F. You move to Massachusetts and put on your resume that you wrote speeches for Michael Dukakis. You then get hired immediately as a lobbyist at the Mass. State House, run for U.S. Senator and win. Meanwhile, your now ex-boyfriend goes to work for WalMart handing out “smiley” stickers!

  4. F. You have to sleep with your boyfriend’s boss to keep your boyfriend from being fired.

  5. by courious


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