Phone-y Terror

1952 art by Art Saaf & Mike Peppe from the story “Kiss & Run” in NEW ROMANCES #14.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman tearfully embraces a man in the background as a phone rings in the background.

WOMAN: Every time that phone rings…I <sob> think the worst!

MAN: That someone died?

WOMAN: No! That you’re too cheap to buy an iPhone!

SOUND (of phone ringing):BRRRRRR

1952 Art: Art Saaf & Mike Peppe Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira


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  1. “I-I need you…

    …to scrub my toilets and do my laundry”

    …to show me how to program Netflix on to my remote”

    …to give birth to our child who can grow up into a six year old who can show me how to program Netflix on to my remote”

    …because I look better when I have an ugly chick like you hanging on my arm”

    …to get off my foot. Ow! Those heels hurt!”

    …because I can’t commit insurance fraud if I don’t have a body”

    …to co-sign a boat loan”

    …to teach me to love! All the women I’ve been seeing behind your back all say I’m too cold and unromantic”


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