Nuts to You

Yes, I could’ve done a much, much dirtier version of this gag. Forgive me. For once, good taste triumphed. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

(Today’s comic is from a Last Kiss-inspired animation project—IT’S ALWAYS BUCKY—that I’m developing with my pal Jack Enyart.)

Art by Myron Fass from Great Lover Romances #16.

Art by Myron Fass from Great Lover Romances #16. Click on image to enlarge.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A pipe-smoking man looks on as a squirrel in the foreground holds a nut.

MAN: Today, it’s just a squirrel! But someday the whole world will want my nuts!

Art: Myron Fass Color: Restoration & Color: Diego Pereira



  1. As we stoners used to say, “Damn, those are some ‘Chinese Eyes'”. I know what’s in that pipe.

    • Hmm. Dave, you’re the second reader to suggest he’s smoking weed. Frankly, I think he’s just plain squirrelly.

  2. Actually, I thought the guy would say something along the lines of “Today it’s just a squirrel, but someday the whole world will know I’m nuts.”

    • That would work too, Lee.


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