Maid To Please

Announcing the Last Kiss Maid Service: We take care of all your needs–whether you like it or not!

↓ Transcript
CAPTION: Always eager to please, Millie was almost the perfect maid…

YOUNG WOMAN (to maid): You gave a flea bath to the dog?

MAID: Yup! And to your dad too!


  1. John,
    While I have enjoyed your “Last Kiss” comics for some time …
    lately you seem to be doing a lot of repeats, either in terms of graphic, or of topic/story line.
    How about giving us more of the razor side of your wit, perhaps with a satirical flair? You could even toss in an occasional political commentary. Maybe give us a few more of the bikini / cheesecake / bad girl graphics … that’ll perk up a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday! Just my $ 0.02 worth.
    Love & Last Kisses,

  2. Jim, you’ve touched on a crucial subject for me. When I moved from doing Last Kiss on my own (once a week) to doing the series three times a week for GoComics, I knew I’d have to reprint some of the comics from my archive.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t foresee how incredibly busy I was going to be these last few months. So I’ve had to dip into my archive more than I’d like.

    Most of my time these days is consumed with developing and licensing merchandise comic images for manufacturers. This is incredibly challenging and potentially very lucrative. But doing that on top of my other work has put me into a situation where I’m often working long, long hours seven days a week.

    So, for the current web comic series, I have had to rely heavily (about 50 percent) on archive material.

    For GoComics this isn’t a problem. Most of its readers haven’t seen my old comics. But for my long-time readers (such as yourself) the archive material is old hat. And I do worry about that.

    I have been trying to jazz up some of the old material–hopefully making it funnier. But the changes may only be something that I notice and appreciate.

    For the immediate future Last Kiss is likely to continue being a mix of old and new. (This Monday’s comic is going to be a reprint, but Wednesday and Friday are new gags.) As we move through this year, the proportion of new comics to old should increase substantially. Eventually, I’ll be going to virtually all new comics.

    Jim, I hope you can hang on as I’m making the change. In terms of content, I’ll definitely be keeping your suggestions in mind. The “razor side” of my wit has been told to kick into gear!


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