Love to Share

She also has too much love for one sex.

One continent.

And one planet.

In short, she’s in love with the universe…except, of course, Uranus. Butt that’s the only exception.

Original art (below) from Sweethearts #44, 1958.


↓ Transcript
WOMAN: I’ve got too much love for just one person!

Original art: John Tartaglione Restoration & color: Diego Jourdan Pereira

©2013 Last Kiss Inc

Sweethearts 44.8.1


  1. Not in love with Uranus, huh? What about Pluto? I hear it’s a Mickey Mouse planet(oid).

  2. Why would she not like to butt with Uranus? If she goes all the way, everywhere that is one major stop.

  3. Garth Lee. What a great name for a frontman for a Southern rock band!


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