Incredible Hulk At Bat

Don’t throw curve ball, puny pitcher! Or Hulk smash!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Three men talking in an office.

MAN: Sure, he’d make a great pinch hitter! But can the Incredible Hulk pass a steroids test?

Art: Dick Giordano & Vince Alascia


  1. Where is the romance in this one? (I have come to expect this comic to be about romantic or sexual themes…)

  2. Just Me, you’re right. Romance and sex are the bread and butter of Last Kiss. But I do like to vary things every now and then. And I’ll admit there’s another reason for today’s comic.

    Last Kiss started as a feature in the magazine Comics Buyer’s Guide. It still appears there every month and the comics I do for CBG almost always have some sort of comic book reference or theme. To get ahead on some deadlines, I’m going to occasionally reprint some of those CBG comics here.

    Hopefully, you’ll find them funny–even if they aren’t always about romance and sex.


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