I’m Real! How about You?

Unlike the lady above, I’m pretty sure I’m a cartoon character. (Or at least a character of some sort.)

And you’re welcome to stare at me–especially this week while I’m at Comic-Con International (July 21-25) in San Diego.

I’ll be spending most of my time at the Last Kiss Entertainment table #E08, but I’ll also be doing signings at the other end of the hall at the World Famous Comics booth #5560.

Love and Last Kisses,

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Distraught woman crying hysterically!

WOMAN: Stop staring! What do you think I am...a cartoon character?


  1. Actually, she’s a comicbook character. (Notice the idealized anatomy, the almost non-existent waist, the blue highlights in her black hair, the tight nightie stretched seductively yet not revealing cleavage or protrusions…)

    If she were a cartoon character, she’d be much more abstract. Consider the “background babes” in the Lockhorns, for example. Or Miss Buxley.

    • Torsten, I’m always happy to consider Miss Buxley!


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