I’m Here to Meet Chicks

Art by Dick Giordano & Vince Alascia from the story “The Big Meet” in FRANK MERRIWELL AT YALE #2, 1955.

↓ Transcript
MAN #1: I just came to this wedding to meet chicks!

MAN #2: Me too! Dibs on the bride!

1955 Art: Dick Giordano & Vince Alascia Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira


Art by Dick Giordano & Vince Alascia from the story "The Big Meet" in FRANK MERRIWELL AT YALE #2, 1955.


  1. He’s less a javelin and more a lawn dart.

    “Looks good…huh, Mort?”
    “Sure does.”
    “You realize I’m talking about his butt, right Mort?”
    “Sure do.”

    And Frank Merriwell throws…AND HE STICKS THE DISMOUNT!!! POOR ETHEL DISMOUNT!!!!She just came today to cheer him on! And look at her! He’s skewered her like a shish kabob! Ohhh…that’s really gonna affect his score.”

    Don’t worry gang! If anyone knows how to toss a shaft, it’s Frank Merriwell!

    Hey! Now that you mention it, we never do see Frank Merriwell and Javelin Man at the same place at the same time, do we?

    Q: Are we not javelin men? A: We are Devo!!

  2. With those craggy faces it’s a wonder they can have such a clean, close shave.

    These mugs look like poster boys for disorganized crime. Snappy dressers both.


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