Halloween with Heart

Happy Halloween from me & my frequent collaborator¬†Mike Pascale. May all your tricks be treats! —John

Art Notes: Few pieces of Last Kiss art have gone through as many changes as today’s comic. Here’s the original 1963 FIRST KISS art:

Art by Vince Colletta Studio from FIRST KISS #33, 1963.

And here’s the art after I asked Allen Freemen to extend the drawing (of the woman on the left) back in 2009. (To simplify the art and focus on the coffee drinker, I also asked Allen to omit the woman on the right:)

Years later, I needed a higher-res version of the image for a zombie coffee gag for a Finnish licensee who put it on a travel mug. So Diego Jourdan Pereira re-drew Allen’s art for me and then Mike Pascale added the zombie touches:

And then this year—when Mike and I were scrambling for Halloween gags—I suggested he modify his coffee zombie (removing the coffee and adding some blood around the mouth.) See? Simple! (When!)

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Zombie woman thinking.

ZOMBIE WOMAN: When we broke up, he told me to...eat my heart out! But his was so much tastier!

1963 Artist: Vince Colletta Studio Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira
Master of Macabre Modifications: Mike Pascale



Art by Vince Colletta Studio from FIRST KISS #33, 1963.


  1. Something happened to his Fatal Charms? It must have been those kids! They’re always after his Fatal Charms! Blue Handguns! Yellow Flame Throwers! Orange Cyanide Pills, and Green Body Parts! Fatal Charms is part of this well balanced Prisoner’s-Last-Meal-Breakfast!

    Frosted Fatal Charms! They’re Dangerously Delicious!

    • Frosted Fatal Charms are the official Last Kiss breakfast cereal—although it’s great for every meal. Now with extra preservatives so they’ll last forever. Or at least longer than you.


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