Free Turkey
See the original vintage art and text below.

Free Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

And many thanks to my pal Mike Pascale for today’s tasty gag!

Inked by Dick Giordano from the story "My Foolish Heart" in FIRST KISS #21, 1961.

Inked by Dick Giordano in the story “My Foolish Heart” in FIRST KISS #21, 1961.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man getting a picnic basket out of the truck of a car as a woman looks on.

MAN: As a Vegan, I’m setting the turkey free!

WOMAN: After it’s roasted?

1961 Art: Inked by Dick Giordano Color: Allen Freeman
Calorie-Free-Dialogue and Art Changes: Mike Pascale


  1. “… and talk first, eh?”.

    Was this for the Canadian edition?

    • Eh, Hoser? He looks like a renob.

    • Nope. The Canadian Thanksgiving was back in October!

  2. Her heart was foolish, but her thighs proved wise. Or is that ‘wide’?

    • “Wise” AND “wide” work for me.

      Happy Thanksgiving, Jam!

  3. The local dogs will thank him for the gift, at least!


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