Put on Your Boots! It’s Father’s Day!

Unlike poor Bucky’s dad, I expect to have a great Father’s Day. For the first time in many years, my daughter Caitie and I won’t be in different states on Father’s Day and can spend the day together. Hoo haw!

Art by Reed Crandall in SMASH #25, 1941.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Bucky holding a toilet plunger and pointing back to a wave of water on the hardwood floor that he's standing on.

BUCKY: Hey, Dad! I fixed the toilet!

1941 Artist: Reed Crandall Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira

It’s Always Bucky™


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  1. “The second one dropped! Today I am a man!”

    “I just set a hobo on fire! Get it? ‘Hot’ news?”

    “They found a cure for my shadow’s case of Rickets!”

    Moments earlier, Hap had suddenly realized what the missing formula was in his cure for cancer. But Bucky’s loud, nasally voice made his forget it before he could write it down. Sighing, he hurried to Bucky, comforting himself with the knowledge that the news was ‘hot’ and so therefore important. Why eose would Bucky have ignored the Do Not Disturb signs and dodged around the various bear traps set out in the hallway? When he arrived, Hap was informed the Kardashians had just been cancelled. Four months later, the Jury agreed that the little bastard did indeed have it coming.


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