Family Nicknames

Cute family nicknames are fun. After all, anyone can have an Uncle Fred. (I mean it. We’re giving ours away.)

But how many of you have an Uncle Stink Face? Ah hah! He sounds more interesting now–right? Suddenly, you want him.

(And you’re in luck! We’re still giving him away. Call now while supplies last and we’ll throw in Cousin Edwin or as we affectionately call him–That Sneaky Little Pervert.)

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Matronly woman sternly admonishes someone (whom we can't see.)

WOMAN: Stop calling me your “maiden aunt...”

WOMAN (again): And I’ll stop calling you my slutty niece!

WOMAN (again): Deal?

Art by Vince Colletta Studio


  1. In the SCC Literary Mag class, Jan Haag had us discuss a short story, 1st person, about a gal who is complaining that the guy she is shacking up with doesn’t want to do the whole marital bliss gig with her.

    So, I’m, like, “This is boring, some slut complaining about what is essentially the consequence of her not living by the rules in the first place,” and a young woman in the class got all upset because I called the fictional character a slut.

    Oy! “Hello-o?! It’s a *fictional* character! I didn’t call *you* a slut!”

    Oh, these young people.

    • I have to admit that some days I feel like a fictional character. Today I’d like to write myself as a bit smarter and younger than I’m feeling at the moment. By the way, David, welcome back. It’s been a long time since you’ve posted. Thanks!

  2. I thought Gertrude was married! Or is this her twin sister who was put up for adoption? Hmm… that makes sense, as Gertrude has an adopted daughter. Kinda like that episode of the Simpsons where Homer meets his brother…


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