Easter Egg Lay? No Way!

Happy early Easter from magical bunny wrangler Mike Pascale and me!

Art by Luis Dominguez from the story "Reckless Romance" in FIRST KISS #30, 1963.

Art by Luis Dominguez from the story “Reckless Romance” in FIRST KISS #30, 1963.

↓ Transcript
WOMAN (talking to Easter Bunny): You don’t lay eggs? Good! ‘Cause...I’m not an egg!

Bunny Artist & Easter Egg Colorist to Dye For: Mike Pascale
1963 Art Featuring Woman: Luis Dominguez Color: Allen Freeman


  1. Jam, I’m using your dialogue for a comic I’ll be posting late Thursday next week. If you see this, write to me at info AT LastKissComics.com and I’ll give you a preview. Hope you see this.

  2. Jams is a funny “one liner” writer. No doubt he writes longer form just as well. I admire his work. Looking forward to the comic.

    The original above reminds me of a situation where I should have moved and changed my phone number. Of course I didn’t. Run Mike, run now! He won’t….


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