Damp Dormammu

For those of you who aren’t Marvel comics fans, Dormammu is a supremely evil Dr. Strange villain. (He’s apparently even nastier when he has a damp diaper.)

By the way, although I won’t be at the San Diego Comic-Con this year,  some of my best merchandise will be there. For instance, this Dormammu comic is one of many Last Kiss  fridge magnets that’ll be making their debut at Justin Chung’s World Famous Comics booth (#5560.)

And an ultra rare, alternative gag version of this gag—I only made six!—will be at the Prism Comics book (#2144) along with a bunch of other Last Kiss magnets and goodies. Get ’em while you can!

Art by Edmond Good from the story “Vortex of Death” in DAGAR DESERT HAWK #15, 1948.

Is it just me or should this guy be thinking about something other than riding an airplane?

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Barefooted woman dancing in a South Seas-type native costume.

WOMAN: By the dread Dormammu’s damp diaper, I summon the magic of…Comics!

Art: Edmond Good Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira



  1. guys not checking out the girl.

  2. Amazing he isn’t looking at the live dancer within smelling distance. Must be serious…

  3. So many questions about the original art. What’s that in his hand? What’s in that jug/vase in front of him? What’s that billowy cloud of whatever grey stuff – Hashish smoke?


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