Don’t Confuse Me with the Truth

Artist unknown. From the story “My Kisses Were Cheap” in DIARY LOVES #5, 1950.

↓ Transcript
REPORTER (or secretary/personal assistant): Are you feeling okay, sir? You almost told the truth that time!

1950 Artist Unknown Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira


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  1. Her kisses might be cheap. But her nude full body Kool Whip massages run about $75 an hour.
    ‘Oh wait. It’s not ‘Louise’. It’s ‘Louis’. I added an ‘e’. Yeah. I’m wasting my time here.”
    “At least I still have my stenography pad. Good ol’ Steny. Wait. What’s this on the cover? Property of Louise…Auuuuuugghhhh!”
    “I have to admit it’s a pretty good photo though. Who would have thought you could get a full body nude touched up at the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in the Mall? Her nipples must be 40 watt bulbs at least.”


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