Cupid Strikes a Deal

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I love collaborating with Mike Pascale on holiday gags. We always begin by selecting art that Mike can modify (or in this case “Cupify”) to fit the holiday. Then we both think up gags

Many of these are great gags. Wonderful, side-splitting, pee-in-your-pants funny gags.

For the sake of hygiene, we throw all those gags away and just use whatever is left over.

Below is the original art (drawn by Vince Colletta) with the original text as it appeared in an issue of First Kiss in the early 1960s.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman holds up a smiling cupid.

CUPID: So it's a deal! I'll get you a date...

WOMAN: And I'll change your diapers!

Original art by Vince Colletta. Cupidization by Mike Pascale


  1. Hey thanks, John! It’s always a blast doing these. I’m always amazed at what your brilliant brain inside that comedic cranium comes up with! I consider it an honor working both with you and the great artists of the past. (Hopefully they won’t haunt me for defacing their work. All in good, semi-clean fun.) Though I have to admit the original line here also got me to chuckle…”After I get married…”? “A dozen”? Yikes! Looking forward to more…

  2. This is far better than the original. I almost peed my my pants reading it. Think she’ll change me too????

    • Glad you like it, Dick. But I don’t think you can count on getting changed. So you better hold it!



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