Cinderella Gone Wild

I figure those are Cindy’s “evil stepsisters” in the background. Sure, they’re speechless — for the moment.

But not for long!

After all, they wouldn’t be truly evil if they passed up such a great opportunity to say something nasty. Anyone care to suggest some dialog for one or both of them?

If so, post your quips in the comment section below! Or on the Last Kiss Facebook site.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A well-dressed young man and woman are standing in the doorway of her home. They're smiling at each other. Behind them--looking shocked--are the woman's sisters.

WOMAN: …and at the stroke of midnight I lose my glass slipper!

WOMAN (again): You develop a foot fetish!

WOMAN (again): And we live happily ever after!

Art by the Vince Colletta Studio

Additional Keywords: fairy tale, fetish


  1. 1) EEYEW! You told me it was an antique goblet from Czarist Russia. No wonder that Pied d’athlete Bordeaux Gran Cru 1985 tasted so weird. And what about that Muffe Perizoma Chianti we had last week?

    2) That wasn’t a Chianti – it was a Grappa.

  2. 2) And it wasn’t Muffe Perizoma, it was Mohoso Tanga.

  3. Stepsister: “Dammit! All that work I did, because I thought he was the sweaty armpit type!”

  4. Stepsister 1: Wait! You haven’t even seen what WE have made out of glass.

    Stepsister 2: Mine’s a corset.

  5. That’s not all she’s going to lose!

  6. Prince Charming better have odor eaters handy because C’s foot sweat is toxic.

  7. Hey… if the shoe fits so perfectly, how did it come off in the first place?

  8. It’s not the toes I like so much as the spaces in between.


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