A No-Fault Wedding


Art by Everett Raymond Kinstler from the story “The Bridal Veil” in CINDERELLA LOVE #9, 1952.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A minister or preach is performing a wedding. A bride and groom are standing there.

MINISTER: And, if anyone objects, they...better shut the %$#@ up! And no bitchin’ online later either!

1952 Art: Everett Raymond Kinstler Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira



  1. Considering the expression on the groom’s face, one has to wonder what happened in the original story.

  2. “…except in this version, one of the ugly step sisters won.”

    “…except this is more like the original. Where there were a lot of toes cut off and some groping.”

    “…except of course that they’re both men.”

    “…and I should know! Being the face of the conjoined twin growing out of the groom’s shoulder, I saw the whole thing!”

    “…except in this version if she’s not home by midnight, her face turns back into a pumpkin.”

    “Oh wait. I’m getting my stories mixed up. His last name is House. She was going to blow him down…”


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