The Gay Deception

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Earlier this week I posted a Last Kiss comic that used art from the opening panel of “The Gay Deception.” Although I’ve posted individual panels from this story several times, I got an interesting response this time. I started getting requests from fans who wanted to read the whole story.

And so…

Originally drawn by the Vince Colletta Studio for FIRST KISS #8 (1959), this tale was almost certainly written by Joe Gill and it has a plot that has repeatedly shown up in romance comics and rom-com movies through the ages: The fake date! Or is it really a fake?

So here it is. I hope you enjoy it. Please double click the images to enlarge them.


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  1. Well, so much for Lola! But I suppose with a name like that she doesn’t deserve a guy like Don. But he transferred his affections after only two dates; not to be trusted, is he?

    • Sure, Ricochet Romance! Hook up with a cheater, no problem, you’ll be able to change him! [NOT!]


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