Quick! Untie me!

Art by Edmond Good in the story "Vortex of Death" in Dagar #15, 1948.

Art by Edmond Good in the story “Vortex of Death” in Dagar #15, 1948.

Meanwhile, back in the present…
See the revamped version of this art and with new, funny dialogue in today’s Last Kiss Comic.

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  1. The ladies were bound and determined to drag their boyfriends to see 50 Shades of Grey no matter what it took!

  2. Mister B – From the fragmentary knowledge I have of “Fitty Shades” I presumed this was either a screen shot from the movie or some fan art..

  3. I suppose that bondage has a different meaning 67 years later than in this Terry and the Pirates, but from the Today’s comic, it looks like the two are interested in something else than Fifty Shades of Grey. As implied in those comments, women need not apply.



  1. Last Kiss » Archive » Don’t Trust Women - […] Meanwhile, back in 1948… See the original 1948 art and dialogue for today’s Last Kiss webcomic here. […]

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