Too Young for You?

Inks by Dick Giordano from the story "Who Hooked Who" in FIRST KISS #3, 1958.

Inks by Dick Giordano from the story “Who Hooked Who” in FIRST KISS #3, 1958.

Signs that your date may be too young for you:
1. She wants to skinny dip…in the Kiddy Pool.

2. She shows up one night wearing a sexy uniform…and sells you 12 cases of Girl Scout cookies.

3. She’s wants to go camping with you…to earn merit badges.

4. She flips up her skirt to show you her…Powerpuff Girls underwear.

5. She calls you…”Grandpa!”

Meanwhile, back in the present…
See the revamped version of this art and with new, funny dialogue in today’s Last Kiss Comic.

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  1. Biff? Short for Biffalo? Born in Biffistan? Mom used to biff me upside the head a lot. Hmm… He can never run for political office above the county level.

  2. …if she sits down at the children’s table at Thanksgiving.
    …if she cries that you didn’t take her to Wendy’s for the kiddie burger.
    …if she demands you drive her somewhere because she is too small to take the bus alone.

    Apparently the 1958 woman was able to find the bleach bottle, though, and not to do the laundry.


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