I’m a Sucker for Women with Tear-Splashing Orbs

Artist unknown. From the story "Censored" in All True Romance #2 (Comic Media), 1951.

Artist unknown. From the story “Censored” in All True Romance #2 (Comic Media), 1951.

Okay, here’s a goofy contest. What are the six words that make women (or men) cry? Silliest answer wins!

Meanwhile, back in the present…
See the revamped version of this art and with new, funny dialogue in today’s Last Kiss Comic.

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Discussion (6)¬

  1. Ed Bertoli says:

    Six words, eh? OK.
    “Your mother and I are eloping.”
    “I’ve booked my sex change surgery.”
    “Your penis is a deal breaker.”
    …and I truly, truly apologize for this unprintable one: “No anal bleach, no second date…”
    Cheers, Ed B

  2. “Mom is moving in with us.”

  3. msz1923 says:

    “I just killed your whole family.”

  4. Fritz G says:

    These two can be said by either person:
    “I’ve been sleeping with your sister.”
    “I’ve been sleeping with your brother.”

  5. bubujin_2 says:

    I’ve done it with another man.
    Let’s go out for dinner tonight.

  6. John says:

    After considering contest submissions via my website, Facebook and e-mail, I picked this nifty six-word wonder from Rumtha:

    “Silly boy–of course size matters!”

    Runner up submission from Tony Isabella: “Mom is moving in with us.”

    Congratulations Rumtha and Tony!

    See all the contest submissions here: https://www.facebook.com/LastKissComics/photos/a.393478281914.168918.187428386914/10152352959901915/?type=1&theater