Oh, My Toes!

Art by Bill Ward from "I Danced with Heartbreak" from Diary Loves #9, 1951.

Art by Bill Ward from “I Danced with Heartbreak” from Diary Loves #9, 1951.

Seriously, Claire. Sit down and soak your feet. And wear some flats next time. Although…they are sorta sexy. Not that I (or any men) care about that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, back in the present…
See the revamped version of this art and with new, funny dialogue in today’s Last Kiss Comic.

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  1. How about “Claire you almost got it just a little father to your left”.


  3. I kind of prefer this original cartoon. It looks like she’s reaching back to grab onto something to steady herself, and I can think of something perfectly suitable that a man can offer.

  4. I heard the same thing on our Honeymoon.!! DAMN! I didn’t know it was TOES FIRST.


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