Rhymes with Rude

Since the original romance art doesn’t feature any dialog, I decided not to show it here. Instead, I’m celebrating the end of bathing suit season with a little naked humor…

 Original image at: http://bit.ly/OAouYA

Don’t forget your sunscreen—and syrup. Pancakes not allowed because…that would be silly.

Original image at: http://bit.ly/N2p7xW

One of us is sleeping. But which one?

Original image at: http://bit.ly/NZUURk

Instead, stand in front of the bushes—where we can see and laugh at you!

Original image at: http://bit.ly/pG5OPm


↓ Transcript
SCENE: Young man and woman in bathing suits at the beach.

WOMAN: Golly! You’re right! That sign didn’t say “Rude Beach!”

Art by Vince Colletta Studio
Color by Allen Freeman

Your New Breast Friend

Click image to enlarge.

Today’s Last Kiss: Ladies, he’s easily distracted. (“Squirrel!”)

He tries to look you in the eyes. (“Squirrel!)

And have a meaningful conversation. (“Squirrel!”)

But all of a sudden… (“Breasts!”)

Original Art:

To the right is the original art (plus a couple of panels) from Charlton’s Teen-Age Hotrodders #13 (1965).

It’s a hot-headed hotrodder versus a gang of rude, motor-mouthed motorcyclists. Given the title of the comic, who do you think will win?

(Click image to enlarge.)

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A man in a leather jacket (who looks like he could be a member of a motorcycle gang) leaps forward with both hands reaching out.

MAN: Your breasts? Sorry! Was I staring?

Art by Jack Keller
Color by Allen Freeman

Waiting for Sex

Here’s the corresponding original romance art. If you’d like to see the entire page of this 1957 story, click here.

↓ Transcript
A young man and woman look at an older woman (possibly the mother of one of them) as she talks.
OLDER WOMAN: You said you’d wait for sex!

MAN: We waited…’til you left the room!

Art by Charles Nicholas & Sal Trapani
Color by Allen Freeman

Too Sexy for Your Socks

If this art looks familiar, it’s because it’s from the same First Kiss story as one of last week’s gags.

The original romance story was about a girl who receives a complete makeover (plus a new boyfriend.)

Last week’s art was the “Before” panel. Today’s was the “After.”

And, yes, I gave today’s Last Kiss art an additional makeover. I thought the joke worked better if the girl was smiling.

So I grabbed a smile from elsewhere in the story and gave it to the girl on the right. Voilà! Instant happiness!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Pretty woman smiles on the stage of a TV show as the man who hosts the show smiles back at her.

WOMAN: My act will knock your
socks off...plus anything else you’re wearing!

Art by Vince Colletta Studio Color by Allen Freeman

She Gives Good Headache

The dialog in the original 1960s art (right) leaves us hanging. Anyone want to come up with a clever suggestion to finish her thought balloon? What is her husband doing that she’s the last to know about?

Yes, sex is the obvious thing. But anything else?

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↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman with her head in her hands as if crying or just really upset or depressed.

WOMAN: No! I’m fine! I’m just practicing my headache for tonight!

Art by Vince Colletta Studio
Color by Allen Freeman