Star Trekked?

Star Trekked?

In my comments here, I originally joked that this guy was probably in a hurry to get to his job as a marriage counselor. But–what do I know?

I’ve been bombarded by e-mails and Facebook comments that this man is obviously Captain James T. Kirk and that he’s rushing back to the starship Enterprise.

So I wrote a Star Trek joke–without realizing it? Okay. The guy does kinda look like Kirk. But–oh, uh, last night when I first posted this was William Shatner’s 80’s birthday?

Okay. I bow to the obvious. I’m more brilliant than I thought. This is a Star Trek joke!

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↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man walking away from a woman.

MAN: I don’t have time to apologize! Just send yourself some flowers and bill me!

Penciller unknown Re-inked and colored by Allen Freeman

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  1. Devi says:

    The Enterprise is about to take off and he’s late.

    At first glance, his shirt almost looks like a Starfleet uniform from the original Star Trek.

  2. John Lustig says:

    You’re right, Devi. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. Hmm. Now I need to come up with a Spock gag!

    • Norm from GA says:

      You might think it was a Star Trek joke; I might think it was too. It doesn’t matter.

      It’s what Paramount’s lawyers can prove in court that counts…

  3. Les says:

    Star Trek was the first thing that crossed my mind too

  4. Robert says:

    I also thought it looked like a STOS shirt, but wasn’t clever enough to jump to the Kirk conclusion.
    In your Thursday comments you say Wed. was Shatner’s b-day, but actually was Tuesday. It was my wife’s 50th though (I can say that here, I know she will never see it :-P ).
    Also better hurry on that Spock joke, Sat. is his 80th! How’s that for coincidence :)

  5. John Lustig says:

    Ack. You’re entirely right, Robert. I actually posted the comic Tuesday night. That’s when I started hearing from fans that it was Shatner’s birthday. So it was Tuesday, not Wednesday that Shatner turned 80. And happy belated birthday to your wife!