Can’t Wait

Patience is a virtue…if you can afford to wait for it.

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↓ Transcript
MOM (to grown daughter): In my day, good girls waited to have sex!

DAUGHTER: I waited...10 minutes once! Worst date I ever had!

Food? Fight!

Even people who like to cook can get a bit burned out at this time of the year. Thank heavens for leftovers!

Christmas? Watta Shock!

Merry Christmas! Happy Easter! Jolly Purim! Frantic, Freaky, Footloose Friday! Whatever you’re celebrating today, I hope it’s wonderful. And may silly comics like this be your only Last Kisses!

T’was the Night Before…

Sorry. No sugar plum fairies this year. Too expensive. (And do you really want tiny creatures–many with poor bladder control–flying around and crashing into each other in your dreams? I thought not.)

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A young woman writhes in ecstasy on a bed.

CAPTION: And visions of sugar daddies danced in her head…

No dialog