Time for…a Drink?

No time to think. No time to drink. Well, maybe I’ll have just one…

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman appears to have a headache or at least be having a really bad day!

WOMAN: If I had time for a drink…I wouldn’t need one so much!

If Life’s a Journey…

Of course, everyone must have their own version of this “If life’s a journey” theme. After extensive thought (for almost 10 seconds) here’s mine:

If life’s a journey, I want to travel first class with a plane full of comic cheerleaders. (Instead of cheering for sports teams, they’d cheer for comic creators.) Their hobbies would include giving massages, jumping jacks and chess.

What’s your version of “If life’s a journey?”

Post your ideas here in the comments section below this comic. Have fun, but keep your remarks relatively clean–PG13 or at least a soft R-rated–because…hey, you never know. Your mom might read this.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman at airport. She's just exited a plane.

WOMAN: If life’s a journey, I want a better seat…and free cocktails!

I’m Here! Lucky You!

No, this isn’t a leftover costume from Halloween. Mary MeeKwick dresses up for every occasion. Dining out. Cleaning the toilet. Robbing banks. She’s always a vision of loveliness…

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↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman in long, flowing red, cocktail dress smiles and gestures dramatically.

WOMAN: I'm here! Let the drooling and flattery begin!