Happy 29th!

Ack! If my brain had been working before I took off for San Diego, I would’ve scheduled this comic on the 29th, not the 31. Why? Because July 29th was my wife’s birthday. And, Shelagh, I’m willing to believe you’re 29…if you’re willing to believe I still have a full head of hair. Happy Birthday, Shelagh!

↓ Transcript
MAN: Happy birthday, honey! You’ve turned 29…again!

WOMAN: Finally! A man who believes everything I say!

Honeymoon First, Worry Later!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man and woman in car. The man looks incredulous as the woman says...

WOMAN: So I forgot to get divorced between a few of my marriages! Can’t we talk about it later…after our honeymoon?

Beauties And The Beast

Yup. It’s all about respect…

↓ Transcript
SMILING MAN (to woman): While you’re away I’ll comfort your five beautiful sisters!

SMILING MAN (again): I’d date the ugly ones too, but a guy’s got
to have some self-respect!

The Super Heroine Who Never Says Die!

↓ Transcript
CAPTION: The secret origin of...Dead Damsel!

CAPTION (2): The super heroine who never says die...

CAPTION (3): Or anything else anymore!

DEAD DAMSEL: Golly! I’ve been bitten by a radioactive snake!

DEAD DAMSEL (again): I wonder what amazing super powers
I’ll develop!

DEAD DAMSEL (again): The amazing ability to stop breathing...and turn blue, you nitwit!

Dont Beg…Yet!

I’m not sure why this guy is still smiling. Maybe he enjoys sexual frustration and begging. Or maybe he’s smiling while he plans his escape…and inches backwards towards the door!

↓ Transcript
WOMAN (to man): You don’t have to beg for sex, sweetie! There’ll be plenty of time for that after we’re married