Old Money, Young Me!

Meanwhile, back in 1958…
See the original 1958 art and dialogue for today’s Last Kiss webcomic here.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Smiling man in background is talking to a skeptical woman in the foreground.

MAN: Don’t think of me as old! Think of me as rich!

Art: Vince Colletta Studio Re-ink & Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira
©2014 Last Kiss Inc.

The Rich Need Love Too

Below is the original 1960s romance comic art—which asks the eternal question: Do you have enough fun in your life?

No? Then maybe you should become a party girl…like Sherry!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman talking to a man.

WOMAN: I’m very open minded! I don’t care if a man is a billionaire…or just a millionaire!

Art by Vince Colletta Studio

Bad Eggs

People really seem to enjoy seeing the original art for my Last Kiss gags. I was a bit surprised by one response, though. Recently a reader asked about seeing the art as it was actually printed in the Charlton Comics decades ago.

Hmm. Why not? Here’s a scan I did tonight from the original 1959 issue of First Kiss #9.

As you can see, I removed the woman (Ginny’s mom) in the background to focus in on Ginny in the foreground. I do occasionally crop things out. Deleting a person is somewhat rarer!

↓ Transcript
WOMAN: Tightwads are like bad eggs! They should never get laid!

Art by Vince Colletta Studio

Marry for Money? Never!

And here’s the original 1960s art:

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman talking to a man.

WOMAN: I’d never marry for money! But…how much are we talking about?

Art by Vince Colletta Studio

Stinky Rich

Below is the original First Kiss romance art from the 1960s. You can tell the guy is a writer (a poet actually) because he’s wearing an ascot tie.

All writers wear ascots because…we can. As soon as I get dressed in the morning (which is usually about 2 p.m.), I put on ascot.

Sometimes I wear a shirt and pants. But—always an ascot!

↓ Transcript
MAN: I’m not one of those dime-a-dozen millionaires! I’m stinking rich!

WOMAN: Smells good to me!

Art by John Tartaglione