Contest Winner: Call me Guida! James Guida!

Jim Guida is the winner of last week’s contest to come up with funny dialogue for today’s comic. If you’re familiar with the James Bond series (particularly Goldfinger) you’ll probably see why I liked this joke so much. The thing that gave Jim the winning edge was that he even managed to incorporate Oddjob’s flying hat into the gag. Well done, Jimbo!

I’m also announcing a tie for runner up. Amazingly, both gags were almost identical and were submitted only minutes apart. Yes, sometimes great minds (or at least great jokesters) do think alike:

“Daddy! You’re HOME!”   — submitted by cozy romance author Gayle Trent


“HONEY…I’M HOME.”   —submitted by “Butch”

For everyone who submitted dialogue, thank you. I loved a lot of your gags and you’ll have more opportunities to win. I’ll definitely be having more contests!   —John Lustig


Art by Dick Giordano & Vince Alascia from the story “The Big Meet” in FRANK MERRIWELL AT YALE #2, 1955.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man #1 tackling Man #2. There's a hat flying above them.

MAN #1: Get down, Mr. Bond! Oddjob is back!

1955 Art: Dick Giordano & Vince Alascia Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira
Contest Winning Dialogue: Jim Guida

Art by Dick Giordano & Vince Alascia from the story "The Big Meet" in FRANK MERRIWELL AT YALE #2, 1955.

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