Santa Claws Is Coming

Today’s episode is a big departure for Last Kiss. It features all new art and—(Holy Cow!)—an anthropomorphic, talking cat!

The reason? Well, I had this crazy idea for a Christmas cat comic and I really wanted to do it. So I asked the talented Kirsten Wilson to create the art..

I loved her first sample sketch. So I lettered it to show her how the word balloons were going to flow—thinking we were almost done.

Silly me.

Kirsten decided to do some additional poses. So she drew a bunch’a  sketches (see below.) We settled on one and I suggested some minor tweaks. Kirsten quickly turned in her final version and “Santa Claws” was born. Or almost. First I decided to rewrite my gag to better fit the art.

That’s a lotta work for one cat comic. But we hope you enjoy it!

Merry Christmas!


↓ Transcript
SCENE: On a roof, Santa Claws the cat is walking towards a chimney top---wearing a Santa cap that says "Santa Claws" and carrying a big sack that says "Rat Pack!"

SANTA CLAWS: Have a Cat Christmas! if you’ve been good….to me…I bring you a dead rat!*

*Just kidding! No rodents were harmed to make this comic!

Art: Kirsten Wilson