Spider Killer

This is one of those rare gags that came out of a real conversation I had with a friend. This one’s for you, Erica!

As for the art:
Although the spider web in the background is new, Allen Freeman created this image for me years ago—redrawing and redesigning the art from a 1952 panel (see below) by Nick Carey.
 Why the redesign? Darned if I remember. But I think it turned out swell!

Original art by the great Nick Cardy from the story “Good-Time Girl!” in MY REAL LOVE #5, 1952.

↓ Transcript
CRYING WOMAN (with large spider web behind her): What good is a boyfriend…if he won’t kill spiders for me? Eeek! too many legs! I’m outnumbered!

1952 Art: Nick Cardy Re-Creation: Allen Freeman


Artist unknown. From the story "The Loves For Felicie" in FOR A NIGHT OF LOVE (#1), 1952.