Give Me Liberty! Or…

Give Me Liberty! Or…

Today’s proudly patriotic panel of pulsating pizzazz comes courtesy of my pal Mike Pascale.

If you like this, good news. Tomorrow Mike and I will have another Independence Day delicacy dedicated to delightfully dizzy patriotism.
(But don’t be surprised if it’s alliterative free. Whew!)

Art by Charles Nicholas & Sal Tapani from the story “Honeymoon Continued” in FIRST KISS #24, 1962.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Uncle Sam talking to a beautiful woman as fireworks go off in the background.

UNCLE SAM: Give me liberty…or give me sex!

WOMAN: Don't you mean death?

UNCLE SAM: Only if my wife finds out!

1962 Art: Charles Nicholas & Sal Trapani
Fireworks, Fashion & Fun: Mike Pascale