April Fool’s Sex

April Fool’s Sex

Art by Art Saaf & Mike Peppe from the story “Kiss and Run” in NEW ROMANCES #14, 1952.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man and woman in a car talking.

MAN: As an April Fool’s joke, let’s have sex!

WOMAN: How’d that be funny?

MAN: Seeing me naked always makes women laugh!

1952 Art: Art Saaf & Mike Peppe Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira


Darkroom Developments

Darkroom Developments

When I got my first  newspaper job, I was not only a reporter. I was also a photographer.

For me, darkroom work was tedious. It took hours. And hours. And sometimes more hours to get things the way I wanted them. (And sometimes not even then!)

Plus, I usually did it in the evening—too busy during the day!—when all I wanted was to go home.

And then there was the time I got chemicals in one of my eyes! Arggh!!!

So I was happy to get out of photography when I started doing comics. Of course, I now spend hours and hours every week working in Photoshop. But, hey! No icky chemicals—so I’m happy!

Art by Art Saaf & Mike Peppe from the story “Kiss and Run” from NEW ROMANCES #14, 1952.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman standing in the doorway of a photography darkroom, staring in shock as a man and woman make out in the darkroom.

WOMAN (thinking): I knew something was developing in the Darkroom! But not this!

1952 Art by Art Saaf & Mike Peppe Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira


Kissing the Bride

Kissing the Bride

Someday soon? The poor groom can only hope!

Art by Vince Colletta from the story “Involuntary Bride” in FIRST KISS #40, 1965.

If you’re wondering about the bizarre color, the whole page of the printed comic is this way. It wasn’t unusual for Charlton comics to be printed with colors out of register. Colors were frequently misaligned. But to print with an entire color plate missing? That was rare—even for Charlton!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Bride and groom kissing.

BRIDE (thinking): This is so much fun! I might even kiss him again…someday!
1965 Art: Vince Colletta Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira

Are We Married Yet?

Are We Married Yet?

Art by Edmond Good from the story “Vortex of Death” in DAGAR: DESERT FOX #15, 1948.

Intrigued? Read the entire 1948 comic this story comes from for free on the Comic Book Plus site: http://comicbookplus.com/?dlid=34645

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Two bare-chested guys. One with rope wrapped around his wrist.

TIED GUY: Are we married yet?

OTHER GUY: Must be! We’ve “tied the knot!”

1948 Art: Edmond Good Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira


Fake Sex

Fake Sex


Art by Jimmy Maxwell from the story “Nitro Nellie: The Savage Safe-Smashers” from CRIMES BY WOMEN #4, 1948.

Intrigued? Read the entire 1948 comic this story comes from for free on the Comic Book Plus site: http://comicbookplus.com/?dlid=34645


↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman with cigarette in cigarette holder.

WOMAN: You think the news is fake? But my orgasms are real? Interesting!

1948 Art: Jimmy Maxwell Re-ink & Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira