Right to be Wrong

Right to be Wrong

Sometimes the rush of deadlines can produce some truly bizarre mistakes. For instance, check out the background through the doorway in the original panel.

Ladies and germs, I present—-the Magical Floating Tree of Romance!

Original panel---complete with floating vegetation---from First Kiss #9 (1959.)

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↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman talking to man.

WOMAN: One of us is wrong! And...if you’re smart...it’s you!
Art by Vince Colletta
Color by Allen Freeman

©2013 Last Kiss Inc

Discussion (7)¬

  1. “One more joke about the “Farmer’s Daughter” and you’ll be pleasuring the sheep, Mister.!”

  2. Alphacentaurian says:

    Actually, that tree looks like it has leaves on its roots. It does appear hovering, and the overall appearance is one I can only describe as Seussian.

  3. bubujin_2 says:

    While not really looking like a winter scene, it COULD be a tree growing through a shrub on snow covered hill.

  4. forestman50 says:

    The rest of the tree is off to the right of the doorframe so just a branch is visible. It’s on a hillside from the slope of the grass, so the clouds past the hill are visible. Not a mistake at all.