Your Pal The Dentist

With friends like these…

↓ Transcript
DENTIST: Don’t think of me as your dentist! Think of me as a friend…who sticks his fingers in your mouth...and pokes you with sharp objects!

Knotty Naughty

It’s always nice when someone makes that little extra effort for your birthday!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man enters a room and finds three young men tied up.

TIED UP GUY #1: Surprise!

MAN ENTERING ROOM: For me? Gosh! And I thought you forgot my birthday!

TIED UP GUY #2 (thinks): Oh, boy! I hope he unwraps me first!

Dressed For Fun

↓ Transcript
WOMAN (on sofa to several men): Gosh! I’ve never had this much fun with my clothes on!

Europe Oar Bust

Afloat in romance…
Like the guy in this week’s comic, I sometimes have trouble reaching my destination. (I once ended up in Scotland by accident. No, I’m not kidding.)

With this in mind–to make sure that we actually went somewhere (without mishap) and celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in style–Shelagh bought us the most fool-proof vacation you can get: a cruise.

So last week we flew down to San Diego (without ending up in Scotland) and took a four-day cruise that included stops at Catalina Island (truly gorgeous) and Ensenada, Mexico (not as impressive unless you’re into shopping for silver jewelry or quasi-legal drugs–which I’m not.) Amazingly, no international incidents occurred–that can be traced to me–and we generally had a terrific time!

↓ Transcript
MAN (ROWING IN BOAT): I promised you a honeymoon…and you’re going to get it!

WOMAN (IN BOAT): Darling, I think Europe is the other way!

Trust Me

On the other hand, if you always lie then at least you’re dependable liar (or politician.) It’s when you only lie some of the time that people don’t trust you.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Read this comic in German.

↓ Transcript
WOMAN: If you'd just trust me...then I wouldn't have to lie to you!

MAN: Gosh! You're right! Can you ever forgive me?