Getting Her Jollies

Merry Christmas–if you celebrate Christmas. And if you don’t–go celebrate something else!

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SCENE: Woman lying in bed with her eyes closed in contentment.

WOMAN: Golly, Santa! After that…who wouldn’t be jolly?

TEXT BOX: Merry Christmas!

The World’s Sexiest Santa Hat?

Before anyone can ask, I’ll confess the obvious. Unlike almost all Last Kiss comics, this piece isn’t a revamp of old romance comic art.

Colorist extraordinaire Allen Freeman penciled and inked this one himself.

And all I can say is–wow!

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SCENE: Beautiful, smiling woman wearing a Santa hat and sexy corset and underwear.

WOMAN: Really? You think the hat’s sexy?

WOMAN (again): Wait’ll you see the coat and pants!

Art and color by Allen Freeman

Dont Ask! Santa Knows!

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SCENE: Three men in a military-style barracks. There's a Christmas wreath on the wall above a bunk bed.

MAN #1: Santa’s new slogan? Don’t
ask! We’ll te11!

MAN #2: Have a fabulous Christmas!

Pencils: Dick Giordano Inks: Vince Alascia Color: Allen Freeman

I Believe in Santa

Yes, I believe in Santa. Also the Tooth Fairy. And, of course, the more elusive and less well-publicized Hair Fairy (You owe me a ton of money, buster!)

The Santa Conspiracy

I know I just ran a comic the other day about Fox News. (Or rather Foxy News.) But don’t worry. I’m not going to make a habit of this..

Last Kiss will always be more about wacky relationships and absurd lust than topical events and celebrities. (Hmm. If I did a Tiger Woods gag I could have both. No. No. Must resist.)

But every once in awhile I do have an opinion and occasionally it escapes into my work.

And, yes, I have a very, very low opinion of Fox News. But, I have a pretty low opinion of most TV news. I’m a former newspaper reporter. And the only way most underpaid newspaper reporters can get through the day is by telling themselves that TV reporters are overpaid bums who just report headlines, stand in front of car crashes and smile.

Of course, this is an incredibly broad over-generalization. In fact, it’s like something you’d hear on a 24-hour news broadcast…that fills its time with opinions, sensationalism and fluff.

I know…I’m ranting. Sorry. Next week we’re back to just funny. No axes will be ground. No soap boxes will be mounted. In the meantime, if you want a soap box of your own–leave a comment!

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FEMALE TV REPORTER: Is Santa a socialist? Is Obama behind these holiday handouts? Details tonight on Fox News!