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What the critics think of Last Kiss!

(Direct links to full reviews included when possible.)

LAST KISS debuted to deserved acclaim in COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE, the weekly newspaper of comicdom.  Almost immediately, readers began asking Lustig for complete stories, nay, verily, an entire comic of this love-struck madness and he was good enough to oblige us. LAST KISS #2…features a cover by Dick Giordano AND a new story ("Widow Ms. Muffet") written by Lustig and drawn by Giordano…The new story is as funny as the rewritten ones...It's a wonderful collection of sadistic romantic mirth with one story ("Remember to Forget Me") being so good I darn near hurt myself laughing.
-- Tony Isabella, TONY'S ONLINE TIPS for September 10, 2001


...I’m sure you’ve guessed that I loved this comic. I grew up buying Charlton Romance comics at the local convenience store and I get a big kick out of seeing them appear again albeit in a much different and far funnier form. If you’re a fan of the romance comics genre or just a fan of humor comics, buy Last Kiss and support this unique title.
-- Tamara J. Hodge, Flooby Reviews


I have three heroes.  General George Armstrong Custer, General George S. Patton and John Lustig!  The reason John was thrown in is because he delivers with EXTREME humor in Last Kiss!  I laughed my bottom off!  Can you imagine having a THICK Last Kiss in your hands with humor throughout the comic book?  Well, stop rocking the boat, because it's here…In this fabulous issue, we get some original artwork by the legendary Dick Giordano!  There is a writing contest, yep you can write your own Last Kiss material!  Great stuff all the way around.  Damn it, I love this stuff!  Thanks John!
-- Paul Dale Roberts  Sept. 7, 2001 Jazma Universe Online


And, if possible, the second (issue) is even funnier than the first. Lustig manages to be flat-out filthy without being offensive and keeps tongue firmly in cheek while skewering romance conventions, gender roles, and--gulp--comic-book fans. And the legendary Dick Giordano provides art both old and new. What more could a naughty fanboy want?
-- Captain Comics (Andrew Smith) syndicated newspaper & web columnist


LAST KISS is a great mixture of two or three genres.  First take a classic romance comic, FIRST KISS, from the sixties.  Next re-script the entire story in a humorous tilt. Finally, spice liberally, sometimes, with comic reading and collecting jokes…John has been doing this as a strip in Comic Buyer's Guide for a long time, and it is a favorite of mine each week.  Now he has put together another issue of entire stories and much more…Looking for something really different?  Want to have a few good laughs after all the action, horror and teenage angst of the usual stuff?  Think you can script a funny story?  It is all there and worth your time.
-- David LeBlanc, Editor of the Comic Book Net Electronic Magazine, Sept. 14, 2001


Lustig's work should appeal to nearly every comics fan, and, although some of the comics-related jokes may escape non-comics fans, there's plenty here for them, as well...Grade A.
-- Brent Frankenhoff, Projects Editor of Comics Buyer's Guide


Last Kiss is a fantastic comic from John Lustig...Imagine all those poignant stories about lost love, unrequited love, desire, and passion, but with the thoughts and words twisted stylings of someone like Jim Carrey, Gilda Radner, or Evan Dorkin writing the dialogue. It's better than any SNL or other comedic skit...I STRONGLY encourage all of you to check it out.
-- Jennifer M. Contino


...the best line out of the entire book is from the story entitled: Remember To Forget Me! — "Good Lord! I'm queerer than a Wayne Newton fan club!" Now when I was reading this, I was enjoying an excellent French meal alone and that line had me laughing so hard that I frightened the other patrons...As with the first issue, if you have a sick, twisted, sarcastic sense of humor, you're going to love this issue.
-- Jayleigh Murray


And while I found the first story kind of flat, overall, I was entertained by the alterations done in the stories and strips...I especially liked the 'Royal Romance' story and 'Remember to Forget Me!', both of these stories were fun and bubbly in particular. Nor are we exclusively at the rather benign mercy of Mr. Lustig, since he has two winning entries in a 'write your own dialogue' contest displayed, and anther contest beginning in this issue...I did find some of the emphasis on comic book humor in the titles to be tiring, but the author hopefully is beginning to realize that, as he asks for the new contest that entrants try to steer clear of such things.
-- Heidi Payne

Last Kiss #1 review by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer