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New! John Lustig on YouTube

See an extended interview with John Lustig about Last Kiss, his career at Disney and the creative process.

Mom says: click to see the image full-sized.

Name the Mom Contest - April 2008

    Some people are born to be outrageous - or at least they¹re drawn that way! This mom is surely one of them. Clearly, she¹s a strong, opinionated character. And she deserves a name with pizzazz! But what should it be? Last Kiss creator John Lustig asked for help. And fans came up with some fascinating suggestions. But the grand prize went to Torsten Adair who came up with both a winning name (Gertrude P. Thornsucker) and a truly bizarre biography for Gertrude and her whole family!

Smoochfest Animation by Christopher Martin

    Fan Christopher Martin put together this fun Quicktime movie using some First Kiss artwork. (1.4M MOV file)

Last Kiss in The Seattle Times

    Last Kiss has appeared many times in The Seattle Times. Read a few of those comics.

John Lustig - Video Star?

    Has Last Kiss creator John Lustig gone Hollywood? Well, not quite. But the nice folks at did a video interview with John at the 2007 New York Comicon. Also on the video is an interview with talented cartoonist/writer Kyle Baker.

Martha Stewtart - The Podcast

    Listen to a dramatization of the Last Kiss comic book story "Martha Stewtart...Domestic Superhero" in a Feb. 8, 2007 podcast by the Twomorrows Players. (Also on the podcast are interviews with Last Kiss creators and Bone's Jeff Smith.) For extra fun, read the comic book story that inspired the play!

Cool Contests & Twisted Reader Tales!

    Last Kiss readers are a talented bunch. See all the great stories they've created! And read the winning entries in the current and recent Last Kiss writing contests!

Somewhere in Nowhere

    In addition to Last Kiss, John Lustig writes Disney comic books. Lustig's Donald Duck story "Somewhere in Nowhere" is notable because he collaborated on it with Disney comics legend Carl Barks. Learn a bit about how the story was created and read the never-before-revealed "director's cut" of the plot.

Laughing with Laura

    A memorial for a 10-year-old girl may seem out of place on a site that specializes in humor. But Laura Lustig had a gift for making people happy and the story of her short life is a remarkable achievement of love and laugher.

Special Last Kiss Comic Strips

    Free kisses! These Last Kiss comic strips aren't part of my regular Seattle Times series. Enjoy some extra smooches!

Last Kiss #1-4

    Love gone wacko, Martha Stewart parodies, prison lust, a Gilligan's Island-inspired farce...and so much more! It's all here in the Last Kiss comic books.

Goofy Romance Comics from the Past!

Why DeCarlo isn't in Last Kiss

    Dan DeCarlo was supposed to be the guest artist in Last Kiss #3. Unfortunately, Dan died Dec. 19, 2001. Dan's death, however, is not the reason he didn't draw a story for Last Kiss #3. Weeks before his death (and the day before he was going to draw "I'm Marrying...Who?") Dan reluctantly withdrew from the project. Why? Therein lies a bizarre tale of legal logic.

    When Dan DeCarlo wasn't able to draw "I'm Marrying...Who?", veteran artist Ernie Colon came to the rescue with a magnificently loony version of the story. It's quite different from the version Dan planned to draw. How different? And how do we know it's different? Find out!

Martha Stewtart... Domestic Superhero!

    "Martha Stewtart... Domestic Superhero!" Is Martha Stewart a mutant? Maybe not, but this Stewart inspired parody was one of the most popular stories from the now out-of-print Last Kiss #1. Color by Shane Fisher.

A Winsome Smile

    A before-and-after look at John Lustig’s first attempt at turning an old Charlton story into a zany Last Kiss masterpiece. The Last Kiss version of this story first appeared in the January 2, 1998 issue of Comics Buyer's Guide and was reprinted three years later in the first issue of the Last Kiss comic book. Prior to this story Lustig had only been doing single-panel Last Kiss cartoons!

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