Who’s sorry now?

For me, the interesting thing about this comic is that I’ve had such varied responses to it. So far I’ve heard the following from readers:

1) The guy really was in the wrong and just needed time to realize it.

2) The woman is giving him the silent treatment to punish him. (This, of course, would never happen in real life.)

3) This cartoon is really a veiled reference to the fact that the guy was impotent.

Any other theories?

↓ Transcript
MAN: ...and so, you see, it can't possibly be my fault!

WOMAN: I just won't say anything! He's bound to feel guilty!


  1. Hey John,

    Wasn’t her thoughts in the original cartoon something like “I just won’t say anything! He will see that he was wrong!” which gave much more credence (in my mind) that he was simply p-whipped.

    [This would, of course, imply a more extensive “silent treatment”.]

    Anyway, so there appears not so many readers are willing to take sides this time.



  2. Hi, Norm. Interesting that you should ask that. Although I often update dialog when I’m forced to re-use a comic, this one ran unchanged. But everyone who reads it seems to have definite views as to who’s at fault here. So maybe the way you remember the comic reflects how you interpret the comic. What I’m finding is that guys mostly view this as the woman being manipulative with the “silent treatment.” Some women do too. But others view this as the woman being tolerant and giving the guy time to realize that he’s been acting as a jerk. Interestingly, so far the comments on http://gocomics.com/lastkiss seem to be more in favor of the woman.

  3. His friend, Dave, is in from out of town. They all decide to see a movie. A time is chosen, and Husband tells Wife, “We’ll be leaving at 3pm.” She agrees. At 3pm, Husband says, “We’re leaving.” Wife isn’t ready. She has her own car. Husband says, “It’s 3pm. I’m taking Dave, like we agreed. You can come when you’re ready. See you there.” When she finally arrives, she’s angry. Dave leaves them to discuss it. Later, he asks Husband, “What where you guys saying?” Husband: “I just explained to her that she didn’t have any reason to be angry.”

  4. Hi, David. So are you the Dave from out of town? If so–since it clearly isn’t the husband’s fault or the wife’s–it must be your fault! You should’ve gone to a 5 p.m. movie instead. At last we know who to blame! ­čśë

  5. Clearly it was my fault.
    He knows how anal I am about not being late to a movie. (The same as how the Woody Allen character in “Annie Hall” was.)

    And, of course, women are NEVER late.

    Another pal, aspiring actor, was always late for everything not actor related. “Why is that, Jerry?” “Well, Dave, my psychiatrist says it is a recognized pathology; something to do with drawing attention to myself.”

    Of course, women NEVER do anything designed to draw attention to themselves.



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