Tattoo Adieu!

In the coming years, I expect a lot of women are going to dump this guy. I hope his chest is big enough to list all of ’em!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man and woman speaking.

MAN: I had your name tattooed on my chest!

WOMAN: Cool! So we’ll be together forever--even after I dump you!

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  1. Well, he could date the same name… I suggest “Ashley” or “Jennifer”.

    Or pick something generic like “lover doll”.
    Or use something from the “bed room list”. (These are the generic names you use in the heat of lovemaking so you do not blurt out the wrong name.) Names like “baby” or “hot stuff” or “sweet love monkey” work well.

    Or, if you are a professional “playa”, you use Henna or ballpoint ink.

    Or, after she dumps you, you add “For a good time, call” above her name, and her phone number below it.

    Or you blackmail her into paying for the tattoo removal, in exchange for silence. (“Pay to have it removed, or else everyone will know we dated.”)



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