Here’s some holiday (and Star Wars) photo-comic fun with photographer Allen Freeman. Plus model Caitlin Litzinger.
And, yes, I’m looking forward to seeing the new Star Wars film ROGUE ONE!


Below is today’s comic without those silly word balloons in the way:

Click image to enlarge. Model Caitlin Litzinger ©2016 Allen Freeman

↓ Transcript
Woman dressed up as a skimp-clad Darth Vader wearing a blue Santa cap and holding a Christmas stocking with Yoda inside. In the background is a starry outer space.

WOMAN: I am the Ghost of...Christmas Blockbusters Past!

YODA: May the Sales Force be with you!

Model: Caitlin Litzinger Photo: Allen Freeman
Text ©2016 Last Kiss Inc Photo ©2016 Allen Freeman