Snow White Has Drifted

I’m told that the character that Brieanna Brock is playing is a comic book character called “Sela.” But Snow White is funnier for this gag.

My thanks to Brieanna and photographer Brian DeCania for letting me play fast and loose with this picture.

This is the fourth of seven Cosplay Comics (TM) featuring Brieanna.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Brieanna Brock is dressed up in a sexy Snow White/Sela costume and leaning up against a post on the sidewalk.

SNOW WHITE: The dwarves call me “Snow White!” But my working name is...“Puss in Boots!”

Model: Brieanna Brock
Photo: ©Brian DeCania Dialogue: ©Last Kiss Inc


  1. Sela is a character from Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales.

    She could say, “I’m a character from Grimm Fairy Tales: Puss in Boots”

    • Thanks, Rudolf. I’d read somewhere that Sela was a character from Zenescope. But I’ve never seen its series and when I was posting the publisher and the series eluded me.


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