Sexy Help for Christmas

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A beautiful woman dressed up in skimpy, Santa clothes.

WOMAN: Oh! You want me to stimulate the economy? My mistake!

Gag by Pascale & Lustig Art and color by Allen Freeman


  1. Gorgeous job by Alan! Hope he and you and yours have a ho-ho-happy holiday, John!

  2. Oops…Hit the “submit” button too fast…Of course I meant to type “Allen”! I have no idea why famed DJ Alan Freeman would be drawing one of your gags…

  3. What comic did this come from?!

    Does she have Laffer curves? Or are they belle curves? Jingle belle curves?

    • Torsten, this is one of those extremely rare cases where I’m not using art that was originally in a comic. Allen Freeman drew this—based on a glamour girl photo. And he did a heck of a job!

  4. Hope I’m just in time!I did actually make my card well in time, but fienshid it, including a specially drawn digistamp, then realised I’d forgotten the sketch! Duhhh…!So, I had to re-do it.Please would you delete entry 41 as the link hasn’t taken properly and brings you back to this site instead of my blog.Think I can go to bed now……Thank you again for a fun challenge and beautiful DT cards. (especially Gro’s – wonderful!)Hugs, Eix


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