Santa Claws Is Coming

Today’s episode is a big departure for Last Kiss. It features all new art and—(Holy Cow!)—an anthropomorphic, talking cat!

The reason? Well, I had this crazy idea for a Christmas cat comic and I really wanted to do it. So I asked the talented Kirsten Wilson to create the art..

I loved her first sample sketch. So I lettered it to show her how the word balloons were going to flow—thinking we were almost done.

Silly me.

Kirsten decided to do some additional poses. So she drew a bunch’a  sketches (see below.) We settled on one and I suggested some minor tweaks. Kirsten quickly turned in her final version and “Santa Claws” was born. Or almost. First I decided to rewrite my gag to better fit the art.

That’s a lotta work for one cat comic. But we hope you enjoy it!

Merry Christmas!


↓ Transcript
SCENE: On a roof, Santa Claws the cat is walking towards a chimney top---wearing a Santa cap that says "Santa Claws" and carrying a big sack that says "Rat Pack!"

SANTA CLAWS: Have a Cat Christmas! if you’ve been good….to me…I bring you a dead rat!*

*Just kidding! No rodents were harmed to make this comic!

Art: Kirsten Wilson



  1. John,

    Whether or not “Santa Claws” has longevity remains to be seen, but the imagination of a talented cartoonist to produce eight scenes as jumping-off spots for new gag kines is very impressive!



  2. Lovely work, you two!
    Neighbor’s cat bring her our slower rats (or sometimes half, even better!)
    Wish he would get better at it, but daughter’s cat won’t let him in the house!


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