No Woman Can Resist Me

Art by John Tartaglione from the story “To Stella with Love” from FIRST KISS #3, 1958. Click image to enlarge.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man and woman kissing.

MAN (thinking): She can’t resist me! I’m too good!

Hmm! She’s sorta good too!

Good... Lord!

I think I’m in love!!!

1958 Art: John Tartaglione Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira


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  1. As they lingered in their kiss, the sniper in the bell tower took aim…


    Distracted by the powerful emotions that raced through her mind at the touch of Bill’s lips to hers, Stella foolishly allowed the on/off dial attached to the side of her jaw to become exposed.


    “Hey! Do you think I could also get a farewell fondle?”

    Bill’s kisses always tasted like Arby’s Horsey Sauce. She would miss that about him.
    To Stella
    With loooove
    This kiss made me spew
    Much wiser
    With my tongue
    Since my goodbyeeeeee
    To you

    It is at this point in the original that the Russian Maid clicks her heels together, causing the hidden, poisoned switchblade in the toe of her left stiletto to spring out. The Maid then awkwardly chases Bill around, trying to kick him in the shin.


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